Angeles Rojas is a sound artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In her music she frequently explores natural and subtle sounds, developing one single idea as a whole concept and trying to give the audience a new perspective of space and extended time. Because is an art that cannot be enclosed in definitions, she thinks of music as the perfect connector with reality that is beyond the apparent, the hidden essence of the world, undissolved with nature. An invisible and permanent force that covers everything that is big and unmeasurable. Almost inexpressible, almost sublime.

Some of the ensembles that have performed Angeles’ work include Mei flutes, Fractus Ensemble, Compañia Oblicua, Dos Uno Ensemble, Camara XXI Chorus and performers Carlos Britez, Gabriela Areal, Lorena Torales, Constanza Moroni, Laura Ventemiglia, Lucia Herrera, Romina Piubel, among others.

She has also participated in different festivals as the Mixtur Festival in Spain, the Co-incidence Festival in the United States, FAUNA Festival in Argentina and Woodstockhausen Festival in Canada.

Lately, she has been interested in working with natural processes such as the change of light, the strength of wind, the movement of water, or any other natural progression existing in a present moment, including also, sound and visual aspects, as well as, different activities and actions to her pieces.

Angeles holds a degree from the National University of Arts of Argentina.

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