Piano & Composition Classes

I give piano and composition classes in my home located in Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Classes are prepared for any age and I adapt them respecting the inquieres and interests the students may have. This interests are usually based on learning a song, entering to a music school, improvising, learning how to read and write music, studying harmony and counterpoint, composing, training their ears or just having a good moment breaking with their routine and using music as a form of active meditation.

Mi principal goal is to make students get hold of the knowledge learnt in class so they feel free to understand music with their own point of view. Moreover, I would like them to appreciate music as an art united with life, capable of developing patience, perseverance, imagination, creativity, listening, respect and humility; understanding that mistakes are part of any learning process and we should learn from them instead of being hard with ourselves.

I love teaching because I simply enjoy sharing my passion with the rest of the students that are willing to learn and to include music as part of their lives.