invisible sounds


                 here and now



                                                                         a river

a flower  

                                                                                                                                       a shadow
                                          a stone


Ángeles Rojas is a composer from Buenos Aires, Argentina living in Berlin.

Her practice is centered on the listening experience as a sensitive means to inhabit other perceptions of time and space. In her music she explores the concept of unity through deepening into the harmonic spectrum and the resonance phenomena.

Some of the ensembles and performers that were part of her pieces are Nuntempe Ensemble (ARG), Kommas Ensemble (DE), Hápax Kollektiv (DE), EVU Ensemble (ARG), MEI flutes (ARG), Fractus Ensemble (CH), Compañía Oblicua (ARG), Dos Uno Ensemble (ARG) and Cámara XXI (ARG). She participated in festivals such as RUIDO (ARG), Darmstadt (DE), Klangraum (DE), Composers meet Composers (DE), Ciclo Resonar (ARG), Festival for Patagonia (PL), Festival en tiempo real (COL), Atemporanea (ARG), Ciclo de Música Contemporánea del Teatro San Martin (ARG), FIBA (ARG), Mixtur (ESP), Coincidence (US) and Woodstockhausen (CA) and in places such as CheLA, Centro Cultural Kirchner, Santa Felicitas Museum, Centro Cultural Recoleta and Centro Cultural San Martin. 

She holds a degree in Composition from the Universidad Nacional del Arte (UNA) in Argentina.



becoming the echo of landscape (2022)

sounds in a box (2021)

an invitation to listen to a forest endure (2020)

ometimes i dream of a place where you can whisper with the wind (2018)


invisible invocations (2021)

the earth sounds in your ears (2020)

we breathed as breathes the sound (2018)

os horizontes (2018)


as if the eye becomes an ear when turned inwards (2024)

the way of the wood (2022)

æolus (2017)


abrí las ventanas y dejá que los espíritus entren y salgan (2024)

la flor renuncia a sus pétalos para escuchar las semillas brotar (2021)

breathe into the forest, into the bird, into the song (2021)

an invitation to become ocean (2020)

the path is the temple (2019):

a walking space
a breathing space
a memory space

yin & yang (2018)

eviathan (2016)


a deep resonance (2019)

de los dos un rio (2016)


the form is emptiness (2018)


fragile harmony (2023)

will somebody or someone please start to sing? (2024)

Instrumentation; duration

one or more performers in nature and audio recorder; ~20’

shruti box; 20’

shruti box; ~25’

one or more guitars in the wood; 10’ or more

two euphoniums; ~20’

shruti box, objects and perception; 20’ or more

two string instrument; ~10’

two contrabass flutes; ~15’

string quartet and tampura; 30’

electric guitar quartet; ~15’ or more

string quartet and video; free duration

organ, piccolo, flute, bass clarinet, baritone sax, trombone, violin, cello; 30’

tam tam, bass flute, bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello, contrabass, piano; ~20’

shruti box, turning forks, electric guitar, alto sax, baritone sax, cello; ~40’

group of performers and a message; 15’ or more

three activities in nature for nomadic movements:

an outside pilgrimage and field recordings; 15’~30’
breathing with a natural progression; 5’~10’
natural objects and collective memory; 12’

4 hands piano, string instruments and video; ~20’

violin, cello, bass clarinet, didgeridoo, piano and percussion; ~15’

vocal ensemble and percussion; ~45’

mixed chorus; 3’

2 Picc., 2  Fl., 3 Ob., C.Ing. 2 Eb Cl., 2  Bb Cl., Cl. B, Cb. Cl., 3  Fg., Cfg., 4  Cor. ,3 Bb Tpt., 3 Tbn, Tba. 3 percussionist, Pno., 24 Vlns., 8 Vlas., 8 Vcs., 8 Cbs. ; ~20’

20 ballons and mini harmonicas

tambura and syne tones