becoming the echo of landscape (2021)

sounds in a box (2021)

an invitation to listen to a forest endure (2020)

ometimes i dream of a place where you can whisper with the wind (2018)


invisible invocations (2021)

the way of the wood (2021)

we breathed as breathes the sound (2018)

os horizontes (2018)


la flor renuncia a sus pétalos para escuchar las semillas brotar (2021)

breathe into the forest, into the bird, into the song (2021)

an invitation to become ocean (2020)

the earth sounds in your ears (2020)

a deep resonance (2019)

the path is the temple (2019):

a walking space
a breathing space
a memory space

yin & yang (2018)

æolus (2017)

eviathan (2016)


de los dos un rio (2016)


the form is emptiness (2018)

Instrumentation; duration

one or more performers in nature and audio recorder; ~20’

shruti box; 20’

shruti box; ~25’

one or more guitars in the wood; 10’ or more

two euphoniums; ~20’

two or more contrabasses, a book and possible answers; 30’ or more

a string instrument and its echo; ~10’

two contrabass flutes; ~15’

tam tam, bass flute, bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello, contrabass, piano; ~20’

alto sax, baritone sax, cello, electric guitar, tuning forks, shruti box; ~40’

group of performers and a message; 15’ or more

objects and perception; 20’ or more

vocal ensemble and singing bowls, moving and healing sounds; ~45’

three activities in nature for nomadic movements:

an outside pilgrimage and field recordings; 15’~30’
breathing with a natural progression; 5’~10’
natural objects and collective memory; 12’

4 hands piano, echoes and video; ~20’

string quartet and video; free duration

violin, cello, bass clarinet, didgeridoo, piano and percussion; ~15’

mixed chorus; 3’

2 Picc., 2  Fl., 3 Ob., C.Ing. 2 Eb Cl., 2  Bb Cl., Cl. B, Cb. Cl., 3  Fg., Cfg., 4  Cor. ,3 Bb Tpt., 3 Tbn, Tba. 3 percussionist, Pno., 24 Vlns., 8 Vlas., 8 Vcs., 8 Cbs. ; ~20’