Ángeles Rojas (b. 1988) is a composer and sound artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Her practice is centered on the listening experience as a sensitive media to inhabit other perceptions of time and space. She explores the concept of unity through the relationship between the physical dimensions of sound and the performers. Focusing in the resonance, reverberation or the echo phenomena in terms of distance, spatialization and movement.

Some of the ensembles and performers that were part of her pieces are the Nuntempe Ensemble (ARG), Kommas Ensemble (DE), Mise-en Ensemble (US), EVU Ensemble (ARG), MEI flutes (ARG), Fractus Ensemble (CH), Compañía Oblicua (ARG), Dos Uno Ensemble (ARG) and Cámara XXI (ARG). She participated in festivals such as Darmstadt (DE), Klangraum (DE), Festival for Patagonia (PL), Festival en tiempo real (COL), Atemporanea (ARG), Streaming Fest (ARG-US), Ciclo de Música Contemporánea (ARG), San Martin Theater (ARG), FIBA (ARG), Sagital (ARG), Mixtur (ESP), Coincidence (US) and Woodstockhausen (CA) and in places such as the Centro Cultural Kirchner, Santa Felicitas Museum, Centro Cultural Recoleta and Centro Cultural San Martin. She has recently released her first solo album with Sello Postal, an Argentinian experimental music label.

She holds a degree in Composition from the Universidad Nacional del Arte (UNA) in Argentina.